We work only with natural materials, we love to obsess over details, and we know that botanical essences in just the right arrangement can transport you to another time and place. These perfumes are designed to create an experience for you that is beyond sensory aesthetics, conjuring memories from natural landscapes remembered deep within your subconscious. 

I want these invisible scent molecules to travel into your olfactory and awaken creative energy. - jill

jill mckeever for strange women

Jill ~ Creator
I use natural aromatics as an outlet for interpreting the world inside my mind and the inspiration that finds me. I love capturing familiar scents that connect the wearer with nostalgic experiences and natural landscapes, and I am able to connect to others around the world through this expression.
I find comfort in minimally processed materials, small and sustainable production, and the alchemical magic of constructing these perfumes. This sense of comfort carries into the scents themselves, and I am pleased to share the mental and emotional serenity I first experienced with these plant essences over a decade ago.



tara milleville for strange women perfumeTara ~ 
Production and Shipping Assistant

Tara has been with FSW since 2012. She fulfills web orders, assembles packaging, makes the batches of perfume and lip balm, and so much more. This prairie girl moved to Kansas City from Manhattan, Kansas and yes, her house did get hit by a tornado. She has an eye for detail like you wouldn't believe and assembles every online order as if it were a gift. She's a cat-lady, a Capricorn, and a collector of beautiful objects. 

Here is a collection of Tara's favorites.


ash miyagawa for strange women perfume

Ash ~
Design, Web, and Marketing Assistant

Ash is our newest strange woman in the studio. She recently graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute and we are in love with her botanical illustrations! She also has become an integral assistant in the web, marketing, imagery, and design of FSW. Ash (also a cat-lady Capricorn) is from Chicago so she naturally appreciates the early 90's Smashing Pumpkins tracks on our studio playlist.

Here is a collection of Ash's favorites.