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Since 2009, For Strange Women has created perfume exclusively from plant aromatics. 
We source beautiful plant extracts from around the world and value sustainable practices. 
Botanical perfume can provide the spirit a connection to nature, the mind comfort, and the body an influence to calm or energize. We know that natural essences in just the right arrangement can transport the wearer to another time and place. These compositions are designed to create an experience that is beyond sensory aesthetics; conjuring memories from natural landscapes, experiences, and atmospheres remembered deep within the subconscious.
Although mainstream culture presents perfume as a cosmetic to conceal other scents or to make us more attractive, we seek instead to create a  sensory ritual that provides a connection to nature through its ability to communicate with our senses. We find natural perfume to be genderless and feel that the scent signature of our skin should be complemented, not hidden. Most of all, For Strange Women perfume is intended be worn as a personal indulgence and source of inspiration.
These scents meld with the skin and stay close to the wearer. For those who are normally allergic to perfume, this is typically a reaction to the chemicals hidden inside synthetic fragrances. We find natural plant oils to be safer and more satisfying to the senses. The complex scent arrangements evolve as they are worn and fade gracefully throughout the day.