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Oracle Natural Science - Kansas City, MO

International Museum of Surgical Science
- Chicago, IL

Seed to Stem - Worcester, MA

Loma Mar Store - Loma Mar, CA

The Floral Craft - El Cajon, CA

Likely General - Toronto, ON Canada

OOAK Zen - Kenai, AK

The Terrorium Shop - Denver, CO

Manifest Mercantile - Portland, OR

Pickwick's Mercantile - Portsmouth, NH

Enchanted Living Magazine 


The Botanical Oracle available at:

Camelback Flowershop - Phoenix, AZ

Gather: Handmade - Bloomington, IN

Ritualcravt - Wheat Ridge, CO

Leaf - Live Enlightened and Free - Vista, CA

Northern Loft Hair Studio - Vanderhoof, BC, Canada