Natural (botanical) perfumes do not "carry" the way synthetics do.  They stay closer to the body instead of filling up the room. If you make an effort to reduce the synthetic chemical fragrances in your home and lifestyle, your sensitivity to the intricacies of nature will be reset, and soon you will not want to ever go back to those harsh (and harmful) chemicals that are in most commercial fragrances.

Natural perfumes also do not last all day long. It is typical for the scent to be brighter and sharper when you first apply it, followed by 2-3 hours of an evolving, more subdued scent, followed by a drydown that varies in time but is only noticeable on the surface of the skin. Most of my perfumes come in portable containers so that you are able to reapply during the day as a sensory ritual.

You will also discover that these perfumes smell much different on your skin than out of the bottle, the scents evolve over the course of wearing them, and they have a deep complexity that cannot be found in synthetic fragrances.  Unlike the headache-inducing scents that you will find at the "perfume counters,“ these are subtle and satisfying to the senses.



• Keep products in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight and use only for their intended purpose.

• Avoid eye area and do not consume.

• Test a very small amount on your skin for a day to make sure you are not allergic to any plant materials.

• Consult a physician if you plan to use while pregnant or nursing. Some plant extracts are very powerful, and the aromatherapy could be too relaxing or stimulating for infants (just as adult vitamins are too strong for them).



• No products contain gluten

• Some products contain the following nut oils: Shea, Macadamia, Sweet Almond

• Some products contain Orris Butter, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, and other concentrated plant oils that may cause a reaction if you have a plant allergy. It is always best to test a tiny amount on skin to make sure you do not have a reaction to it. An allergic reaction may result in a rash on the skin that fades after a day. 


What is the difference between the oils and solid perfumes?

Oil perfumes:

• Top notes easily escape when smelling straight from the bottle and when it is first applied. This creates a vibrant opening to the perfume, but you also must wear it for at least 5 minutes before the true scent settles in.

• These are better sealed inside their bottles, making the perfume able to be stored for a much longer time than the solids.

• Scent releases from the skin more easily (greater silage)

Solid perfumes:

• Top notes are muted since they are trapped in the beeswax, which releases the scent more slowly (less silage), but the base notes last a little longer on the skin during the dry down.

• Scent is stronger in warm weather and on warm skin, as heat is needed to make the scent molecules evaporate from the beeswax. They are not as strong when worn in cold, dry weather.

• Scent is easier to smell accurately straight from the compact or as it is first applied to the skin.


Which last longer?

The silage and overall tenacity of each perfume is based more on the specific plant essences in a blend, not the carrier base. Earthy woods, roots, and spices tend to last much longer than delicate florals, herbs, and citrus.

The Moongarden perfumes are twice as concentrated as all the other perfumes so that the delicate floral essences can be as powerful as the other blends.


What scents are good for Strange Men to wear?

Our culture tells us that sweet and floral scents are feminine in gender and that woodsy, spicy, musky scents are masculine. I believe that men can wear any scent they are comfortable in, as can women, and plant essences should not be limited by gender. However, if you are looking for a scent that is a bit more woodsy and traditionally masculine, we recommend trying Coyote, Horse, Tobacco + Leather, and Fireside Story.


What is the shelf life?

• To prolong the shelf life, store products in a cool (50-70 degrees F), dry place away from sunlight.

• All FSW products are free of water, which mold and bacteria need in order to grow, so this type of concern is not an issue.

The Perfume Oils are actually in a liquid wax base, so they will not turn rancid as many other perfume oils do. The perfumes will begin to lose delicate floral, citrus, and other top notes after a year, and sometimes the earthier notes will take over and become stronger over time. Although the scent may fade or change after the first year, it will not actually ever go "bad".  Some perfumes will hold their original scent for several years longer. It depends of the particular essences in the blend and how carefully it is stored.

Solid perfumes are often more exposed to oxygen, which will break down the scent faster than the oils in airtight bottles. The perfume will last about 6 months before the scent begins to fade. If a locket refill is ordered, it can be stored for up to a year, and the scent will lose its strength much more slowly.

The Lip Embellishments are best if used within 2 years, but they are still safe to use after this. Sometimes if exposed to fluctuating temperatures, the shea butter in these will fractionate, causing a bumpy texture. This does not mean the balm has gone bad, and it is still useable, as the bumps go away when warmed up.

The Rosehip Elixir Oil and Solid both must be stored very carefully (away from heat, sunlight, and oxygen exposure) and used within 6-8 months. The oils in these are fragile and oxidation will occur naturally because we do not put any harsh preservatives in it. The scent will drastically change if the oils go rancid, so this is the best way to determine their expiration.

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