Solid Perfume Locket with Victorian Engraved Design

$ 60.00

A home for your choice of For Strange Women natural solid perfume. Choose from two gorgeous etched Victorian patterns and finishes. This is currently the only silver plated locket design available, and it arrives on a matching antique-finished silver plated chain.

(Please leave your choice of scent for the locket in the notes to seller section at checkout)

SATIN CORSET is sweet, uplifting, and seductive. A floral bouquet in a bed of vanilla bourbon and tonka interprets the scent of a line-dried ivory satin corset worn by a classic Victorian woman. This fragrance is very similar to lilies, their sweetness grounded with a luscious floral musk.

VIOLIN IN THE ATTIC has a blended wood base enhanced with frankincense and myrrh to emulate the instrument’s carved body, sealed with resins. A warm layer of antique amber fills the heart of this blend, evoking years of rosin dust baked to the wood while left in the attic for generations.

ANTIQUE SETTEE reveals hints of roses, violets, and everlastings lingering on velvet upholstery from perfumed guests that have come and gone. Freshly polished wood trim is woven throughout, finished with a deep base of Earl Grey tea (spilled on the cushions over the years).

EVERGREEN MOUNTAIN was created to capture the scent of a vast landscape of coniferous trees blanketing the sides of a mountain. Fresh air mixed with woods, balsams, and evergreen needles create a sense of peace upon deep inhalation.

NIGHTSHADE GARDEN is a perfume inspired by the scent of fresh tomato vines. The bright, uplifting head of citrus blends seamlessly with a glowing green bouquet of fruit tree leaves. Over time, the scent evolves to reveal a soothing base of bay and olive leaf.

FIRESIDE STORY opens with a flash of dark smoke that fades to allow a bouquet of woods to emerge. Traces of leaves, pine cones, and dried resins crackle in this smooth, muted incense that remains close to the body. Three varieties of vanilla create a lingering finish and the perfect setting for a ghost story.

WINTER KITTY is a botanical perfume inspired by felines, fireplaces, and snowflakes. This interpretive blend opens with a burst of cold winter air which quickly settles into a deep, comforting base of vetiver, woods, and frankincense. A musky accord sweetened with amber, rose and vanilla create an animalic undertone. The result is the scent of a house cat who went outside for a winter walk and came back with chimney smoke and brisk air lingering in his fur. 

FRENCH OAKMOSS is a tree lichen with a dark green, powerfully grounding aroma. It will deepen and extend other natural perfumes when layered with them while imparting a richly textured dry down. This scent is dirty, dry, leathery, and will pull the wearer deep into the forest floor. Lavender and violet leaf absolutes balance the heavy lichen, adding uplifting green tones to the dark base. 

JASMINE (single note) is known as the bold and tranquil king of flowers. This heady white floral note combines extracts from two different varieties of Jasmine, creating the fullest range of scent possible.

VETIVER (single note) is a fragrant grass with an earthy, honey-like sweetness. Its grounding qualities make it a widely loved fixative note to layer with other natural essences as well as alone.

ROSE (single note) is full-bodied, sweet, and feminine with deep layers of mystery. This beautiful floral is a classic note, and both Moroccan and Bulgarian varieties are used in this voluptuous bouquet.

To wear, rub a small amount onto pulse points such as wrists and sides of neck. Your body heat will warm and release the fragrance inside the soft wax.

• 100% natural perfume
• Brass locket (with protective antique finish) is made in the USA.
• 27'' Brass Chain (with protective antique finish). If you would like a 17'' chain instead, you can request this in the notes to seller at checkout.
• Measures 1.5''x 1.25'' with a recessed area for the 23mm perfume tray.
• Tray holds 2g of perfume (about 30 applications) and can be removed and replaced with a refill when needed.
• Arrives elegantly packaged on bed of moss inside a letterpress-adorned gift box (made from 100% recycled paper).
• Plant essence is highly concentrated in a base of beeswax and jojoba wax.

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free.

© For Strange Women.

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