Perfume Enhancing Fixative Base Sample

Perfume Enhancing Fixative Base Sample

$ 2.00

This concoction acts as a conditioning base that soaks into your skin to deepen and extend the scent of the natural perfume and cologne oils. Natural perfumes do not have the chemicals that make them last all day as synthetic perfumes do, so if you want a way to give them an extra boost, this balm is recommended. The scent when wearing alone is subtle, dry and powdery, but when worn with perfume oils it amplifies their heart and base notes. You can of course wear this alone for an extremely subtle and comforting scent.

This 100% natural fixative balm contains velvety shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, almond oil, and jojoba oil. Select plant extracts and essential oils are added to this base to naturally enhance and anchor other perfumes. The balm is thick and creamy, creating a primer for your skin so that the perfume oil keeps from absorbing right away. Apply a small amount of fixative base to pulse points, wait three minutes, and then apply natural perfume oil for a longer lasting scent.

This is the original fixative balm that I created for use with natural perfume. Some have tried to imitate this but I am fairly certain none will come close to working as well ;)

• sample contains one application inside card

Perfume Enhancing Fixative Base™ is an original product by For Strange Women.
© For Strange Women.

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