Petite Custom Perfume

$ 175.00

This is a shortened, smaller custom perfume service for those wanting a more accessible option. 

A limited number of this custom perfume service is listed here on each full moon. If you obtain one, you will receive an email from me with an interview to complete. Your responses about what you are wanting to express in a scent, your personality, and your favorite aromatics in nature will help me to construct a botanical perfume oil that emulates your desires.

Within a week I will send a follow-up email with a short summary of my plan for your perfume. After you respond, I will construct your perfume and bottle it in a 10mL amber bottle. 

Please Read:

1- There is no guarantee that this will smell just as you expect it to. There are no returns/refunds and with this option there are no samples sent to choose from. Based on the last ten years of creating custom blends, my customers have been pleased with their resulting blends, but scent is a personal experience and I cannot be 100% sure it will reflect your expectation.

2- I do not encourage you to simply choose your own notes because my experience in working with these materials is a valuable part of this process. I want you to have a well-balanced, long-lasting, and aesthetically designed scent that embodies the preferences that you describe in your interview.

3- If you are wanting custom packaging options, samples to choose from, the option of an in-person consultation, or the ability to make adjustments to the final blend, please order the Collaborative Custom Perfume service instead of this one. 

The finished perfume includes:
- A 10mL glass amber perfume bottle
- A 10g natural fixative base, which may be applied before the perfume to deepen and extend the scent. 

Each recipe is kept on file so that you can order a refill anytime. You will receive a hidden link to order, and each refill is $75. The refill will arrive in a 10mL amber glass bottle. Please make sure to order your refill under the same name.

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