The Queen of Hearts Amulet

$ 110.00

The Queen of Hearts Perfume Amulet has tiny ornaments of faceted citrine, aquamarine, and opal mixed with shapes of garnet, turquoise, onyx, and brass. A pink opal ends the clasp links. This delicate arrangement of warm earth tones is wire wrapped seamlessly into the gold-toned brass chain, complementing the natural coral hue of the of rose oil inside the glass heart. This necklace is 16” long with another 2'' of extender chain at the clasp. The heart vessel contains between 3-4mL of pure rose oil diluted (25%) in jojoba oil.

Rose is a powerfully seductive and mood-altering scent, also known for its ability to reduce feelings of stress. A refill may be ordered when your heart is empty (contact for options)

You may also choose from the following list of perfumes to fill your heart. Please note that the natural coloring of the oil will vary depending on the scent.

Rain - (sweet air, mushrooms, resinous, ozone, petrichor)

November ITDF - (woods, forest floor, rain, tea, decomposing leaves)

Winter Kitty - (snow, sweet musk, vanilla, amber, woodsmoke)

Decadence & Debauchery - (tobacco, myrrh, rose, blood orange, amber)

Fireside Story - (sandalwood, vanilla, bonfire, dry branches, woodsmoke)

Crushed Violets - (dark green, sandalwood, dry floral, orris)

Coyote - (orange blossom, patchouli, bay, woods, spices)

French Oakmoss - (lichen, lavender, grounding herbs, green)

Tarantula - (blackberry, rose, osmanthus, lotus, earthy roots )

Coffee + Cocoa - (warm, sweet, indulgent, gourmand)

Palo Santo + Amyris - (sharp citrus, spicy woods, smooth drydown)

Tobacco + Leather - (sweet tobacco, warm leather accord)

Cardamom + Spruce - (sweet , spicy, green, incense, balanced)

Northern Moongarden - (lilac, lavender, hydrangea, lily, moss)

Midwest Moongarden - (white rose, iris, honeysuckle, valerian, heavy air)

Southern Moongarden - (gardenia, jasmine, mandarin, moonflower, terra-cotta)


  • The necklace arrives inside a 3'' x 5'' black gift box and adorned with a hand-printed letterpress label.
  • This amulet is expertly crafted with the highest standards for all materials. Brass is tarnish-free and does not contain lead or nickel.

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