Nightshade Garden

$ 4.00

Nightshade Garden is a tribute to the midsummer harvest of tomatoes on winding vines with sweet aromatic herbs growing alongside. An uplifting aura of fresh citrus slowly softens into a fresh green base of leaves and vegetable blossoms. This perfume is for the gardeners.

Handmade with essential oils and other aromatic plant extracts in a base of beeswax and jojoba oil. To wear, apply a small amount to pulse points of clean skin. 

Choose from: 
8g round tin (100+ applications)

8g brass compact 
*COMPACTS PICTURED ARE OUT OF STOCK. These will arrive in an etched floral version instead* or 8g refill (100+ applications)                           

2g locket refill (about 30 applications)
or sample (1 application)

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. 
Synthetic and cruelty free.
© For Strange Women.

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