LIMITED EDITION Moongarden Perfume Solid Perfume Compact Refills

$ 17.00

 The Moongarden Oil Perfume Series is now available for a limited time as a solid perfume refill for your FSW compact, palette, or locket. 

The Northern Moongarden is filled with the softest bed of lilac and hydrangea blossoms with casablanca lilies showing off in the distance. Stepping stones meander through the garden, creating a path over the ground covered in mosses and tiny phlox blooms. A backdrop of birch trees lend a sweetness to the chilled night air while a glasshouse protects a collection of three lavender varieties. As the sun sets, the nocturnal creatures emerge, finding their way to the reflections of moonlight as this garden comes alive.
The Midwest Moongarden envelops you in a sultry landscape of white rose and white iris. This creamy floral heart is woven with tangled honeysuckle vines climbing the wooden fences and wisteria blossoms falling through an overhead pergola. The overtones of floral musks are captured in the humid air while a dark border of valerian pulls the base of the blend deep into the earth. This collection of pale blooms creates a glowing nighttime bouquet accompanied by the songs of the cicadas and crickets.
The Southern Moongarden is a bold, empowering floral that opens with a breathtaking chord of gardenia and jasmine. The garden extends from a wooden veranda scattered with terracotta pots and woven wicker furniture to large mimosa and mandarin trees in full bloom. Moonflower vines weave through the trellises of jasmine to reveal their blossoms at night, while their intoxicating scent attracts moths and bats. Fireflies create flickering lights throughout the dark landscape of these aromatic reflections of the moon.
    • This may be purchased alone or as a refill for a previously ordered perfume locket.
      Contains 2g of solid perfume.
      Wrapped in foil and packaged inside a glassine envelope.

    © For Strange Women.
    • 100% natural. phthalate, paraben, synthetic, alcohol, petroleum, and cruelty free.
    • Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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