Moongarden Lip Embeliishments - wholesale case of 12

$ 70.00


Limited Edition
The Northern Moongarden is filled with the softest bed of lilac, lavender, and hydrangea blossoms with casablanca lilies showing off in the distance. 

The Midwest Moongarden envelops you in a sultry landscape of white rose and white iris. This creamy floral heart is woven with tangled honeysuckle vines climbing the wooden fences and wisteria blossoms.

The Southern Moongarden is a bold, empowering floral that opens with a breathtaking chord of gardenia and jasmine. The garden extends to large mimosa and mandarin trees in full bloom. 

• Packaged in biodegradable/compostable push-tube made in USA from 100% PCW recycled paper, printed with soy ink, and assembled with organic adhesive.
• .21oz (compared to .15oz in regular lip balm tubes)
• Contains:  Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, essential oils, tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rosemary extract, stevia.
• Tubes are very sturdy so they can be carried conveniently in purses and pockets. To use, pinch tube from bottom to push lip balm to top of tube.

Lip balm is made with natural and organic ingredients- NO synthetic flavors, colors, preservatives, or fragrances are used.
The tubes are also 100% natural- printed with soy inks and assembled with organic adhesive.
Shelf life is 2+ years when stored away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.
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