Rosehip Elixir™ Sample

Rosehip Elixir™ Sample

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This velvety facial oil deeply conditions and repairs while imparting a light perfume of pure rose, macadamia, and ylang ylang. This is designed to be used as an all in one skincare, perfect for oil cleansing, moisturizer, makeup remover, and eye area serum. Your hair will also love it, because a light application with your hands will smooth out frizz, moisturize dry ends, and restore shine.

1mL (one application) in a glass vial


  • Organic Rosehip oil and extract, naturally rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids, deeply repairs damaged skin. Rosehip oil is light, silky, and absorbs quickly into thirsty skin.
  • Organic Macadamia, Rice Bran, and Kukui are thicker oils that deeply hydrate while simulating skin's natural moisture. These bind to particles on top of the skin as well as deep within pores, and dissolve any dirt or makeup, for a perfect facial cleanser.
  • Squalane extracted from olive oil is added for extreme hydration, great for leaving on to work its magic all day or night.
  • Sea Buckthorn berry oil is prized for its high vitamin content and its ability to repair scar tissue and other types of skin damage.
  • Silk enhances the luxurious texture of this smooth serum, making it perfect to wear as a primer under mineral foundation and to polish hair.
  • Bulgarian Rose Absolute and Ylang Ylang essential oil are pure botanical essences that naturally perfume the skin with a light veil of floral indulgence. They are as calming and soothing to your skin as they are to your mind.
  • Rosemary Extract helps protect the integrity of the fragile ingredients above.

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