Maidenhair Fern - Limited Edition Perfume for the 09-09-18 New Moon

$ 15.00

There is a Maidenhair Fern that I have been desperately trying to keep alive at home, mainly because of the amazing scent when you lean in close to the roots. This beauty is a diva and with good reason; the lacy fronds and honey-like scent are enchanting. Hints of fresh-mown hay and a rosy sweetness draw you closer until the delicate leaves tickle your face.

Choose from:
• 5mL perfume oil in glass bottle, in gift box
4mL perfume oil in glass heart bottle with silk tassel, in gift box
• 2g solid perfume refill that fits into any FSW perfume locket or the Palette of Alchemy


This perfume is a limited edition batch created for the Lunar Amulet for Ceremonies of Intention, a series of unique perfumes released for every new moon since 2010. 

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. 
Synthetic and cruelty free. Handmade, ethically sourced.
© For Strange Women.

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