Essential Water - Nutmeg Geranium and Pineapple Sage

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This essential water (hydrosol) is one of my favorite methods of aromatherapy. It is gentle, safe to use in almost any way, and despite its subtle nature, I find it to be very effective. It can be used as a room/linen spray, face toner, food and beverage flavor enhancer, body spray, and has so many other creative and practical applications. 

I distilled this essential water in a copper alembic still with fresh plant material from my garden. There is a small amount of essential oil in the water and traces of copper.

This is an uplifting co-distillation of nutmeg-scented geranium and pineapple-scented sage. The sweet pineapple lasts just seconds before the warm nutmeg notes climb over the light mist. I love that both of these botanicals are "in disguise;" their scents beautiful although deceptive. They are gourmand in nature yet usable as a quick moment of anxiety relief that you can mist yourself in. 

(photo shows label from a different batch of essential water but package is the same)

Shelf life is about one year, if stored properly. It is recommended to store in the refrigerator, as this water does not contain preservatives and may eventually grow bacteria. (in this case you will see a fuzzy mass developing in the bottle, and this is how you will know that it has expired). 

1 oz or 2 oz in clear glass bottle with spray top.

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