Honey Locust - Limited Edition Perfume

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Tara and I were walking on a warm, humid day in May and were stopped in our tracks when we found ourselves under a canopy of the Honey Locust tree. Its understated floral clusters drenched the air with a thick, powdery aura of fresh rose with dry honey undertones. The large thorns adorning the tree seem to mix signals with the inviting scent of the hidden blossoms. This perfume is an aromatic tribute to a type of beauty that evades the eyes but rewards the sensually focused.

Choose from:
• 5ml perfume oil in a gift box.
• 2g solid perfume refill that fits into any FSW perfume locket or the Palette of Alchem
• 9mL green glass bottle amulet on a 27" gold-toned chain in a gift box. 

This perfume is a limited edition batch created for the Lunar Amulet for Ceremonies of Intention, a series of unique perfumes released for every new moon since 2010. 

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. 
synthetic and cruelty free. 
Handmade, ethically sourced.

© For Strange Women.

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