French Oakmoss

$ 68.00

Oakmoss is a tree lichen with a dark green, powerfully grounding aroma. It will deepen and extend other natural perfumes when layered with them while imparting a richly textured dry down. This scent is dirty, dry, leathery, and will pull the wearer deep into the forest floor. Lavender and violet leaf absolutes balance the heavy lichen, adding uplifting green tones to the dark base. 

This perfume should be worn sparingly. It is tenacious and strange and transforms the aura. 

This decorative glass bottle contains 9-10mL of perfume in a base of organic jojoba oil. It is adorned with a silk tassel and arrives inside a 2x3'' gift box with a letterpress print label and descriptive card.

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. 
Alcohol, pthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free. 
Handmade, ethically sourced.

© For Strange Women.



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