Essential Water of Mugwort & Chocolate Peppermint

$ 10.00

Essential water (hydrosol) is one of my favorite methods of aromatherapy. It is gentle, safe to use in almost any way, and despite its subtle nature, I find it to be very effective. It can be used as a room/linen spray, face toner, food and beverage flavor enhancer, body spray, energy clearing mist, and has so many other creative and practical applications. 

We distilled this essential water in a copper alembic still with mugwort from a local alternative farmer. I added chocolate scented mint from my garden, a personal favorite. The pair creates a powerful before-sleep mist that calms, invites helpful spirits, and assists with dream work. Astral projection, finding Spirit guides- if it involves a trance state or inter-dimentional movement, this mist is highly recommended because it is also subtle enough for us sensitive ones. 

The scent contains a quick dose of the fresh spring growth of chocolate scented peppermint. An undercurrent of darker green mugwort can be detected below. I like using peppermint energetically to amplify the effects of the mugwort while they work synergetically to induce a lucid state.

Shelf life is about one year if stored properly. It is recommended to store in the refrigerator, as this distilled water does not contain preservatives and may eventually grow bacteria. (in this case you will see a fuzzy mass developing in the bottle, and this is how you will know that it has expired). 

2 oz in clear glass bottle with spray top.

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. 
Synthetic and cruelty free.
© For Strange Women.

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