Custom Perfume Workshop - Kansas City

$ 150.00

This workshop will be held at the FSW studio on February 9th from 3-5:30pm. 

In this session, you will learn some of the basics of the perfume building process while we construct your signature botanical perfume. Before the session I will email you an interview to complete that explores your preferences and personality for a custom scent.

You will have the opportunity to smell specific essences that we are considering as the main notes of your blend. I may give you several varieties of a particular plant extract to compare or options to try on your skin to make sure they mix well with your skin chemistry. You will have the opportunity to construct a simple perfume with my guidance, and the group will learn together more about natural scent and what evokes emotions, memories, and beauty for each of you. 

At the end you will have a 10mL simple (up to 13 note) bespoke perfume made from my collection of natural materials, with hundreds to choose from.
I will keep your recipe and recreate it for you anytime you need a refill (10mL, $70).

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