Custom Perfume

Custom Perfume

$ 450.00

Scent is a personal experience, and is an absolute luxury when it is crafted to your individual body chemistry, preferences, memories, and personality.

This custom perfume is created through online correspondence. Upon receiving your order, I will email a questionnaire for you to complete, beginning the collaboration to find the perfect scent that expresses your unique inner essence.

In this process I will do all I can to make the perfect wearable scent for you. Rare and expensive oils may be used, or I may need to source a material exclusively for your blend. You can also ask me about any custom packaging options that you have in mind, and I will work with your ideas.
The only limitations are that I do not make replicas of other perfumes and the scent must be possible to create exclusively with natural materials.

After you finish the questionnaire, I will send you an email with follow up questions. If you would like, a phone conversation can also be arranged. Then I will create three perfume samples based on what I have learned about you, as well as what I know would work as a balanced and harmonious blend suitable for wearing day and night.

Once you have spent some time with your samples, one should stand out as your favorite. You may love it as it is or decide you would like to change aspects of it. In case of the latter, we will discuss how you would like it adjusted to be closer to what you have in mind. This adjustment will be made before you are provided with your final perfume. 

• The finished result will arrive in your choice of solid (18g) or liquid (15mL) form.
• Options for the packaging of your perfume are available.
• Perfume arrives gift wrapped along with a natural fixative balm, which may be applied to deepen and extend the scent. 
• Each recipe is kept on file so that you can order a refill anytime. ($150)

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