Black Mother of Pearl - Solid Perfume Locket

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A home for your choice of For Strange Women natural solid perfume, featuring a large Black Mother of Pearl on the lid of the locket. This gorgeous iridescent shell is believed to bring prosperity and enhance connection with our intuition. It contains the depth and spirit of the ocean, and is recommended if you are a water sign (especially Cancers). 

10% of all sales from this locket are donated to the Ocean Conservancy.

Choose your favorite solid perfume to arrive inside:

SATIN CORSET features a powdery accord of irises, Stargazer lilies, roses, violets, and mimosa blooms in a soft bed of Bourbon vanilla. This floral musk conjures the feminine image of a Victorian-era corset handmade with ivory satin and laced around a curvaceous form.

VIOLIN IN THE ATTIC  features a blended wood base to emulate the instrument’s maple, rosewood, and ebony flesh, followed with sweet resins to seal the carved woods. A warm layer of antique amber and frankincense evoke years of rosin dust coating the heirloom while it awaits a new mistress.

ANTIQUE SETTEE reveals pieces of history with hints of rose and violet lingering on velvet upholstery. Polished antique wood is balanced with Earl Grey tea and sweetened with honey. This blend is designed to be as comfortable and inviting as it is wearable.

EVERGREEN MOUNTAIN captures the soothing landscape of lavender, Clary sage, and other botanicals blanketing the mountains. Fresh air sweetened with Douglas fir and jasmine lifts a base of balsam and three varieties of Spruce needles. A soft wood note completes this aromatic connection to a majestic and isolated refuge..

NIGHTSHADE GARDEN is a tribute to the midsummer harvest of tomatoes on winding vines with sweet aromatic herbs growing alongside. An uplifting aura of fresh citrus slowly softens into a fresh green base of leaves and vegetable blossoms. This perfume is for the gardeners.

FIRESIDE STORY opens with a smokey bouquet of woods burning in a campfire. Traces of leaves, pine cones, and dried resins crackle in this smooth incense that remains close to the body. A sweet vanilla undertone creates the perfect setting for a ghost story.

FRENCH OAKMOSS is a tree lichen with a dark green, powerfully grounding aroma. A light anointing can pull the wearer deep into meditation and restore a sense of balance. Lavender and violet leaf lend brighter green overtones while the tenacious mossy base remains for a long drydown.

WINTER KITTY  begins with a blanket of snow and evolves to a comforting base of vetiver, woods, and frankincense. A sweet musk of amber, rose and vanilla complete the scent of a house cat as he returns from a winter walk, with chimney smoke and brisk air lingering in his fur.

SIREN opens with a salty overtone of Pacific Ocean air and Jasmine vines filled with tiny white blossoms along the coastal landscape. The blend dives deeper into the water with notes of seaweed, driftwood, and ambergris, and ends with a bonfire on the beach. 

To wear, rub a small amount of perfume onto pulse points such as wrists and sides of neck. Your body heat will warm and release the fragrance inside the soft wax.

• 100% natural perfume
• Brass locket (with protective antique finish) is made in the USA.
• 27'' Brass Chain (with protective antique finish). If you would like a 17'' chain instead, you can request this in the notes to seller at checkout.
• Measures 1.5''x 1.25'' with a recessed area for the 23mm perfume tray.
• Tray holds 2g of perfume (about 30 applications) and can be removed and replaced with a refill when needed.
• Arrives elegantly packaged on bed of moss inside a letterpress-adorned gift box.

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free.

© For Strange Women.

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