Antique Settee

$ 4.00

Antique Settee reveals pieces of history with hints of rose and violet lingering on velvet upholstery. Polished antique wood is balanced with Earl Grey tea and sweetened with honey. This blend is designed to be as comfortable and inviting as it is wearable.

Handmade with essential oils and other aromatic plant extracts in a base of beeswax and jojoba oil. To wear, apply a small amount to pulse points of clean skin.

Choose from:
8g round tin (100+ applications)
8g brass compact *COMPACTS PICTURED ARE OUT OF STOCK. These will arrive in an etched floral version instead* or 8g refill (100+ applications) 
2g locket refill (about 30 applications)
or sample (1 application)

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Synthetic and cruelty free.
© For Strange Women.

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