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The Botanical Oracle

This Oracle deck is illustrated by Ash Miyagawa in collaboration with For Strange Women. The artwork, originally created for FSW's lunar perfume series, is inspired by flora, fauna, and mysticism.

A reference booklet is included with brief interpretations of each card. The cards are designed to offer balanced insight into a variety of topics relating to decisions, relationships, and situations needing clarity of direction.

You may read these cards in whatever style works best for you, but they were designed for relatively simple spreads. Here are some of my favorite ways to read them:

1. One Card: This is best for simple questions such as “what should I keep in mind today?”, “what should I do next?”, or “what should I expect from this situation?”

2. Three Cards: In this spread, the first card offers insight into the origin of a situation, the second card reveals a deeper truth into the present, and the third card provides insight into what needs to be considered in the near future. This can be expanded to as many as six cards, as modifier cards may be drawn and placed below each card if more information is needed to understand what each of the main three cards is referring to.

3. Five Cards: First find the BATS card, which represents you, and place it face up on the left side. Then find the card that best represents the person or subject that you are wanting to understand your relationship to better. For instance, if you are questioning a situation between yourself and your spouse, use the Frozen Lilacs card. If it is about your home, use the Bird’s Nest card. If it is about work, use the Chamomile card, etc. Place this second card face up on the right side. Then draw three cards and place them in-between the first two. These center cards will reveal insights relating to this dynamic between the first two cards.