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The Spirit of Botany—In the Garden

In The Spirit of Botany, I focused on some of my favorite aromatic materials to work with in each recipe, encouraging a more direct connection to the plants by using them in their raw forms as much as possible. It is even better to go a step further to grow them yourself. 

Here is a list of links to seeds for many of the plants in the book. If you have garden space, this is a way to fully benefit from the recipes. 

I have no affiliation with Strictly Medicinal Seeds, but they are one of the few that carry some of the harder-to-find seeds and plants. 

Start planning your garden now, spring is approaching.

Love, Jill



Garden Favorites:

Sweetgrass seeds

Tulsi seeds

Lemon Balm (Melissa) seeds

Big Sagebrush seeds

 Common Mugwort

 Yerba Santa




Also recommended:

Chocolate Mint

Western Mugwort

California Spikenard


German Chamomile