We work only with natural materials, we love to obsess over details, and we know that botanical essences in just the right arrangement can transport you emotionally to another time and place. These perfumes are designed to create an experience that is beyond sensory aesthetics, conjuring memories from natural landscapes remembered deep within your subconscious. We want these invisible scent molecules to travel into your olfactory and awaken creative energy. 

For Strange Women is an independent perfume brand created in 2009 by Jill McKeever in Kansas City, Missouri.
Although the internet is not the most conventional platform for showcasing scents, Jill wanted to connect with a niche group of women (and men) who appreciated her Antique-Apothecary-meets-Dark-Forest aesthetic and unconventional scent palate, which included perfumes such as Winter Kitty, Violin in the Attic, and Fireside Story. The website includes vivid descriptions and nostalgic references to scents that can only be captured using natural materials in clever arrangements. The packaging, descriptions, and imagery are designed to create an experience that guides the customer to know which scent they connect with before they even try it.

In 2014, the production studio was moved to the Bauer building in the Kansas City Crossroads Art District, and it now doubles as a storefront.

Tara Milleville joined FSW as the shipping and production assistant in 2012, and illustrator Ash Miyagawa joined the group in 2016 as the design, web, and marketing assistant. Several other independent artisans work in collaboration with FSW to create the original packaging and jewelry elements, including women-owned Kansas City brands Two Tone Press and Evil Pawn Jewelry. All FSW perfume continues to be produced in small handmade batches inside the Kansas City studio. 

For Strange Women ships e-commerce orders worldwide and the perfumes are also available for purchase at the Kansas City atelier/boutique. The collection is largely focused on oil (liquid) and beeswax (solid) perfumes, as well as original perfume jewelry and compacts. Other related items are also often in production, including natural lip balms, skin elixirs, and incense.  

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Jill McKeever
Owner, Alchemist

Tara Milleville
Production and Shipping Assistant
Ash Miyagawa
Design, Web, and Marketing Assistant

For Strange Women has been featured worldwide in print publications and digital media ranging from O, The Oprah Magazine to Kat Von D’s Instagram.
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The Studio

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