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Perfume List

(In Order of Sweetest & Lightest to Darkest & Dirtiest)

(O)ils and (S)olids

Northern Moongarden (O) - (lilac, lavender, hydrangea, lily, moss)

Satin Corset (S) - (lilies, vetiver, vanilla, creamy, fleshy floral)

Nightshade Garden (S) - (fresh citrus, green leaves, tomato vine, uplifting)

Rain (O) - (sweet air, mushrooms, resinous, ozone, petrichor)

Antique Settee (S) - (bergamot, black tea, wood, rose, immortelle)

Coffee + Cocoa (O) - (warm, sweet, indulgent, gourmand)

November ITDF (O) - (woods, forest floor, rain, tea, decomposing leaves)

Cardamom + Spruce (O) - (sweet, spicy, green, incense, balanced)

Winter Kitty (O)(S) - (snow, comforting sweet musk, amber, woodsmoke)

Siren (S) - (saltwater, jasmine, driftwood, seaweed, sand)

Evergreen Mountain (S) - (clean air, spruce needles, fir cones, lavender, snow)

Southern Moongarden (O)- (gardenia, jasmine, mandarin, moonflower, terra-cotta)

Decadence & Debauchery (O) - (tobacco, myrrh, rose, blood orange, amber)

Violin in the Attic (S) - (carved wood, rosin dust, sweet amber, rose)

Palo Santo + Amyris (O) - (sharp citrus, spicy woods, smooth drydown)

Fireside Story (O)(S) - (sandalwood, vanilla, bonfire, dry branches, woodsmoke)

Midwest Moongarden (O) - (white rose, iris, honeysuckle, valerian, heavy air)

Crushed Violets (O) - (faint floral, velvety, powdery, dark green, soft woods)

Coyote (O) - (orange blossoms, patchouli, bay, woods, spices)

Tobacco + Leather (O) - (sweet tobacco, rich leather accord)

French Oakmoss (O)(S) - (lichen, lavender, grounding herbs, green, moss)

Tarantula (O) - (blackberry, rose, osmanthus, lotus, earthy roots )