zodiac perfume chart

seasonal perfume wheel

(In Order of Sweetest & Lightest to Darkest & Dirtiest)

(L)iquids and (S)olids

Tangerine + Blossom (L) - (sweet, delicate citrus with light tropical tree blossoms)

Sweetgrass (L) - (soft, sweet, vanilla, clover, honey, fresh meadow)

Satin Corset (S) - (lilies, sweet, vanilla, hypnotic, powdery floral)

Seashell + Coconut (L) - (buttery coconut pulp with dry, roasted seashells)

Nightshade Garden (S) - (citrus, leaves, tomato vine, yellow-green, uplifting)

Moss & Ivy (L) - (herbal, mossy, grounding, green, fresh, woodland)

Jasmine Single Note (S) - (powerful white floral, hypnotic, uplifting, empowering)

Antique Settee (S) - (Earl Grey tea, polished wood, faint floral)

Rose Single Note (S) - (fruity and musky floral, richly layered, nostalgic)

Coffee + Cocoa (L) - (warm, sweet, indulgent, comforting, gourmand)

November ITDF (L) - (sweet & earthy, woods, forest floor, rain, fallen leaves)

Cardamom + Spruce (L) - (spicy, green, incense, bright, sultry, unisex)

Winter Kitty (L)(S) - (snow, comforting sweet musk, amber, woodsmoke)

Rock Rose + Oakwood (L) - (sweet, rich, resinous, earthy, mysterious)

Sand Dollar (L) - (salty, lime, marine, jasmine, fresh, sand, ocean floor)

Evergreen Mountain (L) - (fresh, fir cones and spruce needles, clean air)

Decadence & Debauchery (L) - (bold, tobacco, unisex, glamorous, sexy)

Vetiver Single Note (S) - (honey, sweet & earthy, grounding)

Violin in the Attic (S) - (heavy woods, sweet resins, dusty undertones)

Fireside Story (L)(S) - (sandalwood, vanilla, campfire, smokey)

Coyote (L) - (orange fruit and blossoms, patchouli, bay, woods, spices)

Tobacco + Leather (L) - (sweet tobacco darkened with a rich leather accord)

Palo Santo + Amyris (L) - (sharp citrus, spicy woods, smooth drydown)

Horse (L) - (musky, comforting, warm, leather, clover, dry hay, cedarwood)

French Oakmoss (L) - (dark green, lichen, dry, dirty, earthy)