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Palo Santo Incense
Palo Santo Incense
Palo Santo Incense
Palo Santo Incense
Palo Santo Incense Palo Santo Incense Palo Santo Incense

Palo Santo Incense

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Palo Santo (Holy Stick) is a natural incense used for centuries by the Incas and the indigenous people of the Andes. Found in Peru and Ecuador, this aromatic wood is also used in churches, homes, and even as an insect repellant. Its sweet and spicy scent has since gained admirers in many other countries. This powdered wood is sustainably collected from deadfall of the native trees in Ecuador.  

The scent of Palo Santo has sweet citrus-like overtones and a powerfully uplifting essence that will make you want to bathe in the smoke. 

To use, light the end of a stick with a candle or match for 20 seconds and then blow out the flame, allowing the smoke to continue filling the space for a few minutes. Each stick can be used many times before it burns all the way through.

• Bundle of three palo santo sticks, each approx. 4'' long - total weight approx. 0.6 oz

*The Bursera graveolens tree lives about 60 years and the scent does not develop strongly in the wood until it has been dead for several years. Our suppliers in Ecuador have explained to us that there is an abundance of naturally fallen deadwood that they collect. In addition, this company plants thousands of these trees every year to ensure that there will continue to be a sustainable supply in the future. 

The biggest threat to this tree is the clearing of forested areas to use for cattle and agriculture. In this case, collecting the deadfall wood gives the locals the incentive to keep the areas forested and to make a living selling this material instead of clearcutting or burning it down. (This may not be the case with all suppliers and it is important to always know about how natural materials, especially woods, are harvested.) There is also a rumor that this tree is endangered while is false. There are many trees referred to as "Palo Santo" (Holy Wood) and the one on the endangered list is an entirely different species.

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