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Solid Perfume Sample
Solid Perfume Sample
Solid Perfume Sample
Solid Perfume Sample
Solid Perfume Sample Solid Perfume Sample Solid Perfume Sample

Solid Perfume Sample

$ 4.00 USD

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These mini solid perfume samples contain natural perfumes made with a blend of botanical essences and strange concepts. Here you can sample your choice of one Solid Perfume. *These can melt in transit if they are in high heat for too long so during the summer months order these with caution

Choose from the following:

Astral Projection - (verveine, lavender, chamomile, rose, valerian)
Labyrinth - (white florals, greenery, rose, lichen, dark resins)
November ITDF - (woods, forest floor, rain, tea, decomposing leaves)
Crushed Violets - (dark green, sandalwood, dry floral, orris)
Antique Settee - (bergamot, black tea, wood, rose, immortelle)
Siren - (saltwater, jasmine, driftwood, seaweed, sand)
Black Forest - (fir needle, bergamot, cardamom, moss, woods)
Vixen - (musk, black peppercorn, woods, amber, sunlight)
Decadence & Debauchery - (tobacco, blood orange, myrrh, amber, rose)
Fireside Story - (sandalwood, vanilla, bonfire, dry branches, woodsmoke)
Coyote - (dark woods, spices, mandarin, patchouli, neroli)
French Oakmoss - (lichen, lavender, grounding herbs, green, moss)

See the full-size perfume listings for full descriptions. You can find a link to them here.

• Each contains .1g of perfume inside a card (about 2 applications)
• A descriptive card about the scent is included with each individually wrapped sample.

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free. 

© For Strange Women.

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